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Yori Evo Family from Reggiani

Get a glimpse at Reggiani's most aesthetically pleasing minimal track, now available in 48V Low-Voltage! The range of sizes, track profiles, applications, finishes, and outstanding CRI >98 enhance the value of this product to any application.

Outdoor Smart Plug from Caseta by Lutron

Introducing the outdoor smart plug from Caséta by Lutron. Outdoor smart lighting that just works year after year. Built to withstand extreme weather, the outdoor smart plug provides smart control for landscape lighting, string lighting, holiday lights, inflatables, motors and pumps.

STRUT by WAC Lighting

More flexibility. More performance. More controllability. STRUT is a complete program with Direct, Indirect, Wall Wash, Downlights, Spotlights, and Pendants. The next generation of modular lighting, STRUT is limitless lighting. Learn more about this system.