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Goldeneye® Airelight™ products have a unique, self-cooling LED light source, thereby not requiring bulky and heavy appended heat sinks. Proprietary technology enables Goldeneye® to create new lighting products, such as luminaires and lighting fixtures, that surpass the performance of current competitive products while at the same time lowering installation costs, reducing hazardous waste and improving fire safety. Moreover, Airelight™ products are made from abundant, eco-friendly and sustainable non-toxic materials, use less than 1/50th the raw materials of other LED sources, and their compact minimalist design reduces “end-of-life” waste. Goldeneye Product Series include Airelight™ Linear for T-Bar Ceiling, Mud-In or Under Cabinet/Shelf Installations, Airelight™ Square for Flush Mount, Mud-In, or Recessed Lighting, and Airebaffle™ Acoustic Series.