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Newell Brand's New Customer Service Feature

Monday, July 18, 2016

Exciting new feature from Newell Brands!  Their Customer Service department now has a tool that will be able to assist customers 24/7. Questions such as:
           “When is my order shipping?”
           “When are my backorder(s) shipping?”
           “How is my order shipping?”
           “Where are my orders shipping to/from?”
           “What is the tracking number for my order?”
Can now be answered by a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Customers can call the Newell Customer Service number 1 (770) 418-7000), select the self-service option, key in their purchase order number and hear the status of their order. Paolicelli OneSource is excited to give our customers an even better customer service experience with the support and investment from our manufacturers, such as Newell.