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LightFair Innovation Awards Winners

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Congratulations to Ecosense and Optic Arts for receiving a LFI Innovation Award! The prestigious award highlights the industry's most innovative products and designs introduced within the last year. So, what earned them the award?

Lore from Ecosense
Category: Recessed Downlights, Wall Washers and Multiples

Most Innovative Product of the Year

Lore is a fully adaptable luminaire family that features Ecosense's newest optic & driver technology, engineered for precise beam performance and beautiful dimming. Every fixture in the Lore family debuts & shares Ecosense's power, light, optic, wireless, & battery backup building blocks, which means Lore provides consistent, predictable, performance from fixture to fixture across all fixture types. Lore also debuts EcoSense’s latest ‘Lingo’ digital platform architecture and Auto Sensing Protocol Technology, which makes Lore extremely flexible today and infinitely adaptable tomorrow.

VintageDim 2 from Optic Arts
Category: Dynamic Color, Theatrical, Cove, Strips and Tape

VintageDim 2 is a custom curve control driver with NFC programming ability for a touch and go set control. You can set and share your curves for tunable white, warm dim, color matching, curve matching, and color calibration.

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